Who is Plots to Plates?

Located in the high-elevation, arid climate of Central Oregon, Plots To Plates is comprised of a dedicated team from a variety of backgrounds. What this group has in common – and from whence Plots To Plates has arisen – is a love for the land, a passion for sustainable living and sustainable food sources, and the determination to make change.

Saralee Lawrence is a third generation farmer who founded Rainshadow Organics. She uses her indigenous knowledge of this unique landscape to sustain our community with replicable organic methods of local productivity, sustainability, and profitability.

Sweet Medicine Nation is the Founder and Executive Director of Four Winds Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and sustainability of Native Ways within our world family. Her dedication to teaching about sustainable lifeways brings 25 years of experience to Plots To Plates.


One response to “Who is Plots to Plates?

  1. Yes! Awesome! Yes, The Last Stand Farm would love to be included in a tour and I want to be in service to this great idea and effort however I can.

    Sleep sweet soil ! Happy fall.

    Glad you are back. Sounded like an amazing experience.


    Kim K.

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