What is Plots to Plates?

Plots to Plates is a Farm School dedicated to creating advocates of ecological renewal, economic viability, and social justice in local sustainable food systems. Our school will fight starvation, a subtle form of violence, by educating people to grow and prepare food for their families and neighbors, and will increase food security locally and wherever our graduates may go. The instructors will be local farmers and ranchers with a desire to share their hard-earned experience and successful practices that work in our arid region.

Located in Terrebonne, in the Central Oregon region just east of the Cascade Mountains, the farm school is founded by two main collaborators: Rainshadow Organics and Four Winds Foundation. Interns will live at Deer Haven, a 40 acre parcel of land of historical significance, and learn to farm at Rainshadow, located just across the street.


2 responses to “What is Plots to Plates?

  1. Interested in your good work, even from as far as New Hampshire! It sounds like you are doing good work!

  2. Thanks for sending me the info in your email from Chile, Sweet Medicine.
    Good luck to you two harding working girls.

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