What’s all the excitement about?!

We are opening our hands-on farm school this April 2011!

Our school is based on a collective of note-worthy educators and exceptional farmers who utilize organic and sustainable farming practices, maintaining healthy native habitat and their natural resources. We are offering the next generation of producers, educators, and advocates of sustainable land use systems of feeding themselves and their communities locally.

Mission: Plots to Plates’ mission is to educate and foster ecological renewal, economic viability, and social justice in local, sustainable food education programs.

Primary activities: Local, sustainable, food education and hands-on outreach programs in Central Oregon.

Project Location and Description: Deer Haven and Rainshadow Organics are the main sites of our live-in school and outdoor classrooms. We will produce a body of students trained by innovative, entrepreneurial, expert farmers who farm both sustainably and profitably. The students will have the opportunity to learn how to revitalize small farming with crop diversity, capable of feeding themselves and the local community through direct marketing.

Outreach programs will go hand in hand for the outer-community offerings, encouraging and engaging students to learn about ecological renewal and economic viability through local, sustainable food programs. These programs will be filmed and provided for future trainings and presentations.

Our courses are directed towards aspiring or beginning farmers and ranchers, showing what it takes to grow one’s own food through the application of a curriculum focused on sustainable local crops. Plots to Plates will offer the greater community field trips, short farm stays, organic growing at home, food-from-the-field cooking classes, and semester study programs for the future farm stewards of America.

Who’s Running this School? A partnership between Sweet Medicine Nation, Founder and President of Four Winds Foundation (501c3), and Sarahlee Lawrence, owner and producer of Rainshadow Organics, will join forces. Sarahlee and Sweet Medicine have a cumulative outdoor and ecology-based teaching history of forty years and are drawing upon the seasoned expertise of sixteen producers and collaborators to present this year’s launch of Plots to Plates. You can read more about these women and their growth over the last 10 years through the sites listed below.

We invite questions and inquiries.






Sweet Medicine Nation and Sarahlee Lawrence welcome you to join and follow Plots to Plates Blog site!



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