2011 Plots to Plates Internship Applications

We will soon be accepting applications for our 2011 Farm School internships. Internships are May through October and will consist of daily work on an organic farm paired with visits to neighboring producers and lectures on a variety of topics from local experts.

Interns will learn how food is produced, prepared, and consumed. Interns will learn to be good stewards of the land and build a base of knowledge that they may take with them, including an understanding of local food systems including production, processing, marketing, distribution, acquisition, and consumption. Interns will learn the basics of nutrition and pathways to accessing nutrition.

Our goal is to build stronger ties between farmers and consumers, and to give consumers a greater knowledge and appreciation for their food sources. We aim to improve our students’ health through physical contact with the land via experiential outdoor classrooms. Plots to Plates also aims to demonstrate the value of growing and eating local, sustainably produced food.

Applications for the 2011 program will be posted in late fall. Contact us via email at plotstoplates@gmail.com for more information! We hope to hear from you soon.

October harvest from Rainshadow Organics.


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